Heritage Centre

Indigoprint camp

Two-day indigoprint textile camp
Peipsimaa Visitor Centre, Kolkja, Suur tee 25, Estonia

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Instructor: handicraft instructor Õnne Uus (former long-time professor at the Estonian University of Life Sciences (handicraft techniques, sewing technology, colour theory, didactics, rural tourism)

Organisation of work: lecture and practical work over the course of 2 days, max 10 participants

Course description: Hand block printing is one of the most ancient forms of folk art. Stamps carved into a wooden block were used in the Lake Peipus area during the 19th and even at the beginning of the 20th century by the Prostatov family of textile printers and dyers living in Kolkja village. Now, more than a century later, it is once more possible to hand print patterns and indigo dye textiles in Kolkja village at a textile camp, using copies of the hand printing blocks that belonged to the Prostatov family. The lecture explains the principles of reserve printing technique and textile dying with indigo and explains the associations with the folk art of Lake Peipus area. The lecture also explains how dyestuff is prepared for reserve printing, explains the chemistry behind indigo dyeing, safety instructions and design principles of printed textiles.
In the practical part, a linen textile is printed and then indigo dyed.

Results: The student is familiar with the special features and chemistry of reserve print and indigo dyeing. A fabric suitable for preparing a textile product is prepared.
Supplies and chemicals: included in the price, provided at the location
Price: 165 euros per person
The price includes course materials, tools and catering (2 lunches, a dinner, a snack and tea breaks), accommodation, tour of the Peipsimaa Visitor Centre (including an exhibition of folk costumes made of indigo-dyed fabrics and the chicory museum) and use of bicycles/kick sledges during free time.
The course is announced when at least 6 participants have enrolled. The maximum size of the group is 10 people.

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Day 1

11.00 Arrival, tour of the visitor centre and introduction of the two course days
11.30-13.00 Lecture: The historical rendition of wood stamps. Pavel Varunin 
13:00-13.45 Lunch
13.45-14.45 Practical work: Making wood stamps Pavel Varunin

15:15-16:50 Lecture: History of hand block printing in Lake Peipus Area, examples from Estonian folk art. Hand block printing with reserve print dyestuff.

16:50-17:00 Samovar tea

17:00-18:30 Practical work: printing on linen fabric with reserve print dyestuff

18:45-20:00 Dinner

20:00-21:00 Practical work: surprise workshop

21:00.... free time around the village; it is possible to use bicycles and bathe at the beach

Day 2

10:00-10:45 Breakfast at the café Tädi Šura

10:45-11:15 Lecture about indigo dyeing natural fabrics. Special features. Requirements for tools.

11:15-11:30 Samovar tea with onion pie

11:30-13:00 Practical work: indigo dyeing the fabric printed on day 1

13:00-14:00Lunch at the café Tädi Šura

14:00-15:00 Post-processing the dyed fabrics

The organiser of the course reserves the right to make changes in the course schedule.