Authors: Õnne Uus, Pavel Varunin

Photographs: Patrik Tamm,  Õnne Uus

Texts: Kairi Güsson, Õnne Uus

The exhibition is part of the projects Sinilnik’s Workshop by MTÜ Piiri Peal and Hand-block Printing Year 2018 of Lake Peipus Area by the Peipsiveere Cultural Programme.

The aim of the project Sinilnik’s Workshop is to revive traditional hand-block printing. For this purpose, Pavel Varunin prepared 1:1 copies of Prostatov’s hand-blocks kept in the Estonian National Museum and Õnne Uus used them do dye and print indigo fabrics.

Within the framework of the Hand-block Printing Year 2018 of Lake Peipus Area project, these fabrics were sown into a clothing collection inspired by the Old Believer fabric dyers and printers. The cuts of the sarafans and the shirt originate from the 19th century.

Many thanks to: Peipsiveere Programme / EAS, Peipsiveere Cultural Programme / Folk Culture Centre, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Rural Affairs, The Culture and Development Association of Estonian Old Believers