Hand- block Printing DAY 2018

NABOIKA i.e. Hand- block Printing DAY 2018

opening at 11:00

at Peipsimaa Visitor Centre

 Suur tee 25, Kolkja Peipsiääre Rural Municipality, Tartumaaa


Naboika Day begins with the opening of Õnne Uus’s and Pavel Varunin’s exhibition In the Footsteps of Prostatov

The exhibition features artist Pavel Varunin’s wooden block printing stamps and clothes designed by Õnne Uus from fabrics printed with these blocks.  

The printing stamps of fabric printer Wassily Prostatov who lived and worked in Kolkja Village during the 19th century made their way to the Estonian National Museum in early 20th century. Pavel Varunin made copies of Prostatov’s printing stamps kept in the national museum’s collection. Õnne Uus used the stamps for printing and indigo dyeing fabrics. The fabrics were sewn into a clothes collection inspired by the traditions of Old Believer fabric printers and dyers. The cuts of the sarafans and shirts originate from the 19th century.

12:00-12:20 Katerina Kondrateva

Presentation Reserve Printing and Indigo Fabrics – a Textile Artist’s Atelier. Katerina Kondrateva is a textile artist in St. Petersburg where she has her own atelier. Katerina introduces the magic of reserve printing and indigo dyeing.


12:20-12:40 Vladimir Fedorovich Chichenin

Presentation The Scarf Factory of Pavlovsky Posad Through the Ages through the eyes of the museum director Vladimir Fedorovich Chchenin

12:40-13:00 Vera Golubeva

Presentation Our Family’s Fabric Printing Shop in Obninsk by Vera Golubeva (Russia)

Vera Golubeva is specialised in preparing traditional Russian folk costumes from hand-printed fabrics. She has taken part in ethnographical field work and has conducted research in this field. Vera Golubeva’s husband prepares printing stamps also available on Naboika Day.

13.00-13.30 Folklore group Suprjadk concert

13:30-16:00 Reserve printing and indigo dyeing of fabrics

NB! For your inspiration:

·         Vera Golubeva’s reserve prints

·         Katerina Kondrateva’s multi-coloured reserve prints


NB! Take part in workshops!

·         Kadi Pajupuu

marble dyeing technique

·         Pavel Varunin

preparing wooden printing stamps

Many thanks to: Peipsiveere Programme / EAS, Peipsiveere Cultural Programme / Folk Culture Centre, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Rural Affairs, The Culture and Development Association of Estonian Old Believers

Kicksled day Kolkja Kelk 2017
Reserve print and indigo textile camp

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